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Makes the differences

Our Granular Sweeteners

Making natural sweeteners is our business core. We use technology which makes the sweeteners so much better with some added value in terms of nutrition. We just don’t meet the goal of health; we also bring out total enjoyment. Our sweeteners are:

a)  Stevia granular sweetener

Natural Mate stevia granular sweetener is the first true granular sweetener on the market, which is based on the blend of stevia extract and erythritol,made through an innovative co-crystallization process.Because the stevia and erythritol combine evenly before the crystals form, the result is a better sweet, even flavor — no aftertaste!  

This sweetener contains no sugar, no digestible carbs, no calories; it is great for people who are on a diet that is carbohydrate controlled or sugar controlled.

b)   Nutritional stevia sweetener

Natural Mate nutritional stevia granular sweetener is the first nutritional sweetener in the market. Experience a guilt-free sweetener that does more than just satisfy your sweet tooth! NaturalMate's Stevia Nutritional Sweetener is the only stevia-based sweetener on the market fortified with essential nutrients from superfoods.

c)  Sucralose granular sweetener

Sucralose is made from sugar and tastes like sugar. Natural Mate sucralose granular sweetener is the only one sweetener blending sucralose with erythritol all together. With added on erythritol, the sucralose granular sweetener can provide the bulking needed in the baking and an enriched sweet taste.  The sweetenerlooks like sugar, tastes just like normal sugar and can be used anywhere sugar is used: baking, cooks, and drinks.It is suitable for the whole family,people inweight management and with diabetes.