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We are able to handle operations on an international basis and therefore we are in a position to provide consumers with the very best of materials to all consumers in all corners of the world. Our finished products as well as the materials that we use are well tested in accordance to the strict quality standards that have been put in place. All the final products are packaged and manufactured in a USA facility which is registered with the FDA. Third party testing has also been done as a way ofconfirming to guarantee to the consumers that the products that we have actually met the FDA requirements as well as our own quality standards.

We are able to give consumers:

  • The very best price in the market
  • The best quality products
  • A quality check that is in place every other time for every single batch of the finished products as well as the materials that are used.

Since we are so dedicated to serving customers and making sure that they are satisfied, we have put up a money back guarantee which is 100% in customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to working with you till we satisfy you with a purchase that you will feel is really worth the time and the money. If our efforts do not make you happy, then you can ask for a refund within a period of 30 days after the purchase is made. Our number one priority is your total satisfaction. 

We also have a professional customer service team which is professorial, knowledgeable and totally courteous. Our standard is excellence.