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Dietary Supplements Technology

Innovations are our strength and are our business drivers. Our company has established strong partnership with researchers and manufacturers to facilitate our innovative product development and manufacturing, and bring the most effective products to our consumers.

We develop and manufacturer dietary products fighting against arthritis, diabetes and other diseases. Offer practical alternative natural solutions in promoting healthy lifestyle.

There are also our liver cleansing products that can be used by people who have any such issues. You can also get products for the enhancement of the immune system.

Our main focus on the creation of the best products is to alleviate the pain that is suffered by different gout patients as well as those who suffer from all sorts of joint pain. We offer remedies that help with gout in ways that you may not have imagined before.


a)  Gout pain formula

In the past, so many herbs have been used so as to offer some remedies for gout. There has been some research done and all it has shown is that herbs need to work together in some formula so as to get the desired synergy as well as beneficial effects. There are also some factors which impact the effectiveness of a formula and these include the plants selected, as well as the processing conditions.

Natural Mate Fast-Acting (Herbal Drink) is a gout pain formula which is developed directly from the real world with proven results. This product delivers the fast-acting effectiveness, offers a practical alternative remedy for people with Gout and help to regain their quality of life quickly.


b)  Gout support kit

This Natural Mate Gout-Away formula is a proprietary blend born from our many years of intense research and real-life practices. This Gout Complete Support Kit includes the Fast-Acting Gout herbal drinks and the Long-Lasting Gout Support capsules. The product delivers not onlya fast-acting effectiveness but also a long-lasting effectiveness, offers a practical alternative remedy for people with Gout, and helps one regain quality of life quickly and sustainably.